How to Label Inputs on a Sony Bravia (7 Steps)

By Solomon Poretsky

You can label your Bravia's HDMI inputs.
i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Sony Bravia television sets offer a wide range of inputs for all of your home theater devices. This can make it challenging to remember what device you connected to which point. To alleviate this problem, Sony designs their Bravia television sets to let you go into their menu system and assign a name to each input. This lets you select the input for your "Video Game System" or your "VCR" instead of selecting "HDMI 3" or "Composite Video 1."

Step 1

Press your Bravia's "Power" button to turn it on.

Step 2

Press the "Menu" key on the remote control to activate the on-screen display.

Step 3

Use the directional arrows to highlight the "Setup" menu, which has an icon that looks like a short file cabinet. When you have selected it, press the "+" key in the center of the directional pad to activate it.

Step 4

Use the arrows to highlight the "Label Video Inputs" option and press the "+" key to select it..

Step 5

Scroll up or down with the up arrow or down arrow to highlight the input that you want to label and press the "+" button.

Step 6

Scroll up or down with the up arrow or down arrow to highlight the label that you want to apply to your selected input, then press the "+" button to select it.

Step 7

Press the "Menu" key to exit the on-screen menu system.