Kodak XE Manual Instructions

by Whitney Houston

The Kodak Cameo EX point-and-shoot camera automatically capture pictures onto 35-millimeter film. The compact EX features automatic rewind after the last picture, automatic advance after the film is loaded, a swing-up flash, red-eye reduction and a shutter lock. The EX also contains a small liquid crystal display (LCD) and supports ISO film speeds of 100, 200, 400 and 1000. Before using the camera to record memorable events, review and master its basics.

Apply pressure to the back of the EX with your hand and slide the film cover open to the left. Insert the 35-millimeter film canister into the right side of the camera with the film feeding out to the left. Pull the flap of film out slightly and over to the left side of the camera, fitting the tip to the "Film Load Mark" indicator. Close the film cover and push the "Shutter" button on the top of the camera to prep and wind the film.

Raise the Kodak lens cover on the front of the Kodak. The lens cover doubles as a flash. Put your eye to the "Viewfinder," which is the small window on the back of the camera, and frame the subject within the borders of the viewfinder. Keep a distance of at least four feet from the subject, so that she is in focus. Completely depress the "Shutter" button to take the picture. The flash fires automatically if lighting conditions are low.

Set up a tripod on the ground and attach the Kodak camera to it, or place the camera on a steady surface. Push the "Mode" button twice until the LCD indicates self-timer mode with an arrow. Compose the image in the "Viewfinder" and depress the "Shutter" button. The indicator light on the front of the camera blinks and gets faster toward the end of the countdown. After 10 seconds, the picture is taken.

Push the "Mode" button until "Fill-Flash" mode is indicated on the LCD screen with an arrow. Compose the image in the "Viewfinder" and depress the "Shutter" button. The flash fires regardless of the lighting situation. Cancel "Fill-Flash" mode by closing the front cover of the camera.

Allow the film to automatically rewind completely after taking the last picture before you open the film cover. Pull the top of the canister toward you with your finger and remove the canister from the Kodak EX. Close the film cover.

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