Kodak Movie M80 Instructions

By Brandon Getty

Enjoy your family's old home movies on a Kodak M80 projector.
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Kodak's Instamatic M80 Movie Projector was originally used to screen both regular 8mm and Super 8 movie film formats. While the projector has long been out of production at Kodak, working M80s and similar projectors can be found in working order on the vintage or secondhand market. Whether you're a retro filmmaker who still uses Super 8 for its timeless look or just wish to screen some of your grandparents' old film reels, the Kodak M80 is sure to suit your needs.

Setting Up the Projector

Place the projector on a firm, flat surface.

Turn the take-up reel, stowed on the underside of the projector, clockwise until it can be lifted out and away from the retaining edges. Set it aside for now.

Unravel the power cord which is also stowed on the underside of the projector. Connect it to a nearby electrical socket. The other end of the cord should be permanently affixed to the projector.

Locate the cover latch just above the handle of the projector. Slide the latch to the left and move the cover to an upright position.

Prepare the projector for regular 8mm film by turning the selector switch just above the control panel counterclockwise as far as it will go. Ensure that the Super 8 adapter is not attached to the spindle near the top right of the cover. If it is, depress the small retaining spring at the base of the spindle and slide it off.

Ready the projector for Super 8 by turning the selector switch clockwise as far as it will go. Ensure that the adapter is placed over the top right spindle. Install the adapter by depressing the small retaining spring on the spindle and sliding it into place. The adapter is stored on the underside of the mechanism cover just above the control panel, in the center of the machine. Gently lift the edges of the cover to remove it.

Place an empty take-up reel on the take-up spindle, located near the left corner of the cover. Place the reel of film to be projected (supply reel) onto the supply spindle, located near the right corner of the cover.

Thread the film from the supply reel under the guide roller bar at the center of the machine, allowing about 6 inches of film to extend past it. Press the roller down until it clicks into place.

Turn the "Motor Lamp" switch on the control panel to "Lo" or "Hi" depending on how bright you wish the image to be. Turn the "Direction/Speed" switch to "Norm" (normal) under "For" (forward).

Adjust the location of the projection area by moving the elevation wheel at the front edge of the projector. Move the focus wheel, located just above the control panel, until the edges of the projection area are sharply defined.

Screening a Film With the Projector

Thread the film over the tension roller, which is the raised piece just after the guide roller bar, and into the film entrance slot. Your film will begin to play.

Center the film's projection using the frame knob, located to the left of the focus wheel.

Pause the projection by moving the "Direction/Speed" knob to "Still." Reverse the projection by moving the knob to "Rev."

Move the "Motor Lamp" switch to the "Off" position upon completion of the projection.

Rewind the film on to the supply reel by pushing down on the "REWIND" switch just beneath the supply reel. Release the switch when the reel is fully rewound.