Kodak E45 Errors

By Andrew Aarons

Compact, point-and-shoot digital cameras like those made by Kodak are designed to be rugged. But cameras that are used frequently likely will develop a problem at some point. Among the potential problems is receiving an E45 error message.

Affected Models

Kodak lists the E45 error message in only two of its support pages. Most users who have reported the E45 message have been users of the EasyShare line of digital cameras, including (but not limited to) the CX6330, LS443 and LS7300.

Manufacturer's Advice

Kodak explains that the E45 error message is displayed on the camera's screen when the camera is in need of service or repair. It directs U.S. residents to use Kodak's online Interactive Troubleshooting Guide to submit a service request or to take the camera to an authorized retailer for repair.

Lens Issues

According to the Digital Camera HQ website, the E45 error message sometimes means that the lens is misaligned and will require servicing. Contact Kodak to see if your camera is still under warranty, or proceed to Section 4.

Home Solutions

Users of various models of EasyShare cameras with an E45 error and some ingenuity for home remedies have discovered a cheap, at-home fix. Because these types of cameras are built to withstand a bit of physical abuse, users recommend tapping the camera on a hard surface on its front, on either side of the lens to resolve the error message. Other users reported success from smacking the camera against the palm of their hands.