What Is My Kindle's Email Address on an iPad?

By Ashley Poland

The Kindle app displays images as well as text documents.
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When you install and authorize the Kindle app on your iPad, Amazon automatically assigns it a Send-to-Kindle email address. Using the Kindle address, you can send personal files from your computer to your Kindle app or set up third-party services such as Instapaper and Readability to deliver articles on your behalf. This address is available on the "Manage Your Kindle" page, where it can be managed and edited.

Finding Your Kindle Email Address

To view or edit the Kindle email address for your iPad, you must first log in to your amazon.com account using the same account name used to register the Kindle app on the device. Open the "Manage Your Kindle" page, available in the Digital Content section and select "Personal Document Settings" from the left sidebar. In the section under "Send-to-Kindle Email Settings" you'll see a list of your authorized devices by name. Next to each device is the email address assigned to it.

Edit Your Kindle Email Address

If the automated email address is difficult to remember, you can change it through the Edit link beside the Send-to-Kindle address. You cannot change the "@kindle.com" suffix, and you cannot give two devices an identical email address. If the email address you choose is not available, Amazon displays an error.

Authorized Email Addresses

You can't just send documents to your iPad from any email address -- that would be a recipe for spam. You first have to authorize an email address to send documents to your Kindle app. On the same page as the list of devices and email addresses is the "Approved Personal Document E-mail List." Only the email addresses in this section are authorized to send files to the Kindle app on your iPad. You can add multiple approved email addresses, and those email addresses can send to any Kindle device registered to your account, as long as they know the device's email address.

Sending Messages

When sending a document, attach the file you want to add to your Kindle app to the message. You can attach multiple files to the message, and it does not need to include a subject or text in the body of the message. Your iPad Kindle app only receives documents in the supported formats, which include PDF, DOC, TXT and MOBI, among others. The Kindle app does not support any content protected by digital rights management that was purchased outside the Kindle Store.