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The Kindle is a proprietary e-book reader, designed and developed exclusively for Amazon, that allows you to read digital books, newspapers, magazines and blogs. The device features a 3GB memory for storing books, a battery that lasts up to a month between charges and a black and white e-ink display. Users can connect to the Amazon Kindle e-book store to purchase books and subscriptions directly from the Kindle.


Step 1

Turn the Kindle on and use the d-pad buttons to scroll up and down through the list of e-books. When the e-book you want to read is underlined, press the center button on the d-pad to open it.

Step 2

Press the page turn buttons on the side of the Kindle to flip through the e-book's pages. Page turn buttons are located on the left and right sides of the Kindle, to accommodate both left- and right-handed users.

Step 3

To stop reading, turn the device off using the power button on the bottom. The Kindle will automatically remember your page.

If you want to change e-books, press the "Home" button on the keyboard and select a different e-book to read. The Kindle will automatically remember the page you were reading in each e-book and return to that page when you reopen the e-book.

Buying Content

Step 1

To visit the online Amazon Kindle e-book store, press the "Menu" button and select "Browse the Kindle Store."

Step 2

Use the d-pad buttons to navigate around the store, and press the center button to select any e-books, newspapers or other Kindle content you want to review more closely.

Step 3

To download a sample of the e-book, click the "Try a Sample" button. The first few pages of the e-book, newspaper, magazine or other content will be automatically downloaded to the Kindle at no cost.

To purchase Kindle content, highlight the "Buy" button and click the d-pad's center button. The e-book will be charged to the credit or debit card linked to your Amazon account, and the purchase will be downloaded automatically to the device.


  • If you accidentally purchase content on the Kindle Store, click the "accidental purchase" link on the transaction page before going any further.


  • To search the content already on your Kindle, or the online Kindle Store, simply begin typing using the keyboard. The text will be entered automatically into a search box.
  • Each Kindle is automatically linked to the Amazon account through which it was purchased.
  • Content purchased on the Kindle Store can be deleted from a device, and downloaded again at a later date without incurring additional charges.


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