Kindle Does Not Remember Last Page Read

By Matt Skaggs

Many versions of the Kindle can sync with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
i David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

E-readers can offer far more conveniences than simply mobile reading opportunities. Many allow you access to email, automatically update periodicals and synchronization features. Ideally, your Kindle should retain the last page that you've read in each of your Kindle documents, even if you've been reading on a different device. If you find that this feature doesn't work properly, a few common issues may be causing the problem, and you can correct these in just a few moments.


Amazon uses a feature called Whispersync to keep your Kindle documents up to date, even across multiple devices. When this feature is enabled and functioning properly, you should be able to view the last page you've read as well as annotations and highlights in your Kindle books. Since Whispersync updates this information on Amazon's servers, you can always access all your annotations and highlights as well as find the last page you've read, whether you're using your Kindle itself or another device like a PC or a smartphone.

Changing Settings

You do have the option to enable or disable Whispersync based on your personal preferences. One cause of your Kindle not bringing up your last read page is simply that Whispersync is disabled for your account, which means the last page you've read will only be saved on specific devices that you use and won't be updated on other devices. If you go to your Amazon account's "Manage Your Kindle" page, you can click "Manage Your Devices" below Your Kindle Account and enable "Whispersync Device Synchronization."

Internet Connection

If you've been using any other device to read your Kindle books, such as a PC or a smartphone, your Kindle will only be able to sync to the furthest page read if it's online. If you have wireless turned off or if no Wi-Fi or cellular connection is available, then your Kindle will be unable to contact Amazon's servers to update itself to your last read page. You can check your wireless connections by looking for the Wi-Fi or cellular indicators at the top of the screen, or you can simply view your existing and available wireless connections and enable or disable wireless. On the Kindle HD this is available by swiping down from the top of the screen and tapping "Wireless;" on the Kindle Paperwhite this is available from the Home menu by tapping "Menu," then "Settings," then "Wi-Fi Networks."


You could experience problems with your Kindle taking too long to sync if you normally power your Kindle down entirely, which you can do by pressing and holding the power button. Instead, you can simply press the power button once to put it in "Sleep" mode, which consumes no more battery power than turning the Kindle off entirely. You can also choose whether to synchronize annotations and highlights you've add to Kindle books. If you disable this feature, those elements will only exist on your Kindle. This feature is available by tapping the menu button or icon, depending on the type of Kindle you have, and then tapping "Settings."