What Kind of Videos Can You Upload to Tumblr?

By Lynn Burbeck

Videos can help engage your Tumblr visitors.
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Tumblr is a social media and microblogging site that gives you the ability to create, manage and follow microblogs on a variety of topics. These blogs are typically rich in multimedia content, including videos which you can embed into a blog or upload directly through Tumblr. Although videos are permitted on Tumblr, there are limitations you must understand prior to using the feature.

File Type

Tumblr recommends uploading videos in MP4 format with AAC audio. Videos should also have a resolution that is less than 500 by 700 pixels, as that is the size of the Tumblr screen.


All videos you embed or upload to your account must meet Tumblr's community guidelines. These guidelines restrict the use of any content that promotes hatred or bigotry, is harmful to minors, is excessively violent or that either glorifies or promotes self-harmful behavior such as anorexia, bulimia, suicide or self-mutilation. Additionally, you can't use the Tumblr upload service to upload sexually explicit videos, though they can be hosted elsewhere and embedded to the site.

Embedding Files

You can embed videos of any length as long as they meet Tumblr's community guidelines. To embed a video, enter the video URL into the "Embed a Video" box on the "Add a Video" page. Alternatively, you can add the raw embed tag of the video you want to add.

Uploading Videos

Videos uploaded to Tumblr must be less than 100MB in size. They must also be less than five minutes in length, as that is the maximum amount of video that Tumblr users are allowed to upload to their accounts each day.