How to Find Out What Kind of Hard Drive My Computer Uses

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Identifying your hard drive is crucial to knowing the RPM of the spindle and the storage space. You will also be able to find out if your hard drive connected by SATA or IDE connection. You can view this information in the Windows device manager. Device manager is on all computers and included with the Windows OS.

Identifying Your Hard Drive

Click on "Start" and go to "Control Panel." For Vista users, click the start button and type "device manager" in the search bar.

Once in control panel, click "Device Manager". For Vista users, click "Device Manager," which will appear in the results window after you type it in the search bar.

Expand the line in device manager that says "Disk Drives."

Right-click on the hard drive.

Click "Properties." You will now see all the information pertaining to your hard drive. The hard drive name will most likely be a model number followed by it's connection type such as IDE or SATA. You can search online with that model number to find the manufacturer and more information about your hard drive capacity.


  • check You can get more information for your hard drive by downloading freeware called Everest Home edition.

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