How to Kick People Off Network Magic

by Sue Teresa Tan

Cisco's Network Magic is a type of software that allows users to connect office and home computers in a network. In this setup, you can get all computers in a small office connected regardless of the type of operating system that they use (i.e. Mac and Windows). It also connects other devices such as printers, cameras, Internet routers and gaming systems.

Wireless network protection is one of the many features of Network Magic. It prevents the unauthorized access into your wireless network which can make all the files in your computers vulnerable to hacking. With Network Magic 4.0's wireless protection center, you can detect any device that joins the network and kick intruders off it.



Open Network Magic and enable security settings for your wireless router. From the "Tasks" menu, click on "Change Wireless Protection" and press the button that says "Change Encryption."


Designate a password for the network. A dialog box will come up asking you to set a password for the wireless network. After saving your settings, you need to go to each computer in your network to reconnect to the router by entering the password. Take note that passwords are case-sensitive so you need to remember exactly how you typed them in.


Open the "Network Map." This feature of Network Magic allows you to see which computers and devices are accessing your wireless connection. It visually displays everything that has an IP address tapping into your internet connection. Go over the map to make sure that only authorized computers are part of your network. If you find a device that is unfamiliar, or something that is not supposed to be there, right click on the icon that represents it and select "Track as intruder" from the box that comes up.


Click on the intruder's icon and go over the details of the device listed on the right part of the map. The details list on the window will contain the intruder's MAC (media access control) Address. This is a unique identifier that is assigned to a computer's hardware number. To keep the intruder off, you can use the MAC address filtering feature on the router. Go over your wireless router settings to enable MAC filtering and simply enter the MAC address so the system permanently keeps it off your network.


Enable Network Lock. This feature allows all the computers in your network to stay part of it. Additional devices or intruders that may want to tap into your wireless connection will be denied access unless you manually choose to add them into the network through the "Add a New Device" option. To enable Network Lock, simply go to "Change Wireless Protection" again from the Tasks menu.

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