How to Kick a Hacker Off of Your Facebook (5 Steps)

By Sarah Morse

Remove intruders from your Facebook account and return to sharing with friends.
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Although Facebook has received bad press over the years for its complicated privacy settings, it does exceptionally well when it comes to security. When you have all the security settings enabled and a difficult password, it's nearly impossible for someone to get away with hacking your account without your knowledge. However, a breach can happen. When it does, use the power Facebook gives you to see the devices signed in to your account and to kick them out.

Step 1

Sign in to your Facebook account with your username and password. If the hacker has changed your password, try resetting it by clicking "Forgot your Password" on the Facebook login screen. If that doesn't work, use Facebook's hacking recovery page (see Resources for link).

Step 2

Click the gear icon in the Facebook toolbar and choose "Account Settings."

Step 3

Select "Security" in the left column.

Step 4

Click "Edit" next to "Active Sessions."

Step 5

Scan the list of devices and locations and click "End Activity" next to the device or devices you think belong to the hacker. This will kick him out of your page.