How to Keylog a PC

by Contributor

Given the wide variety of material on the Internet, you may sometimes want to know what other users---especially your children---are viewing on your PC. There are programs called "Keyloggers" that will allow you to capture the keystrokes of anyone using your PC, in order to make sure that they were not viewing any inappropriate material. Here are a few simple steps to install one.

Download a keylogger compatible with your operating system. You can find keyloggers by searching online, or simply use the link in Resources to a demo version of a fully-functioning keylogger.

Double-click on the "Setup.exe" file in order to install the keylogger. Be sure to install it on your main drive, and double check that you have enough memory free to install the keylogger. (One megabyte is sufficient.)

Configure your keylogger by opening the options menu. Here you can select whether or not your keylogger runs automatically upon restarting the computer, and whether it is visible or hidden while it runs. Generally, you will want it to be running automatically, and hidden from view.

Restart your computer and the keylogger will be active. You can then let your children use the computer, knowing that a record of everything they type will be saved.

Open the keylogger with the unhide command (default is Ctrl+Shift+Alt+K). Once the keylogger is open again, click the "View Log" button to view a full log of all keystrokes since you last checked.


  • check Talk with your children openly before keylogging.


  • close Using a keylogger will cause your targets to trust you less.