Keyboard Problems in eMachines

by Jon Bjornsson

eMachines offer great value for an entry-level user, but the included keyboard can cause some problems due to the non-traditional buttons on it. To resolve these problems, the correct drive must be installed.

Check the Connection

On a desktop eMachines computer, begin by verifying that the keyboard is connected properly to the desktop. This may seem redundant, but wiring can often be loosened by a user’s feet. On a laptop, you may omit this step.

Reinstall the Driver

Due to the non-default keys on eMachines keyboards, the default Microsoft Windows keyboard driver results in these keys being unresponsive. To solve this problem, download the corresponding driver for your model from the eMachines website.

Contact Support

If reinstalling the keyboard driver has not solved the problem and the connection has been verified, then the keyboard may be suffering from hardware failure. Contact eMachines support to begin the replacement process.


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