Kenwood Car Stereo Troubleshooting

By Chad Buleen

i Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Kenwood is among the most well-known car stereo brands. Consumers who purchase these stereos can install them by themselves or pay extra for professional installation. Regardless of who does the installation, problems can arise with the operation of the stereos. Understanding the problems that can occur makes it easier to diagnose and fix them.

Power Problems

Check to make sure the power button on the Kenwood car stereo is pressed in and the light is on. Although this may sound like a simple thing, many of the problems people think they are having occur simply because the stereo is not turned on.

CDs Don't Play Correctly

Clean your CD if it doesn't play correctly, particularly if you find that some of your discs are still able to play. If this is the case, clean the CD. When cleaning a CD, do not wipe it in a circular motion, instead use straight strokes that go from the center outward. Likewise, you also may want to check to make sure the disc has been placed in the proper slot.

Hands-Free Talking Function

Do nothing if you are using the hands-free device and there is no sound heard from the rear speakers. Only the front speakers work when the hands-free device is being used. If the sound coming from the stereo speakers when using the talk-free function is low, adjust the hands-free talk device separately from the volume of the stereo. This can be adjusted by going to the "Menu," "Mic Gain" and NR Level" of your stereo.

Error Messages

Eject the disc if you find the stereo display has a code that reads ERROR 05. This means that the disc is unreadable, and perhaps you have accidentally placed a DVD into the CD player. If an ERROR 77 display appears, this means that the unit is malfunctioning. Press the unit's reset button and wait a few moments. Turn the device back on. If this does not remove the error message, you may need to take it to a service center.

N/A Device Message

Check the device that is hooked up to the stereo system if the "N/A Device" message appears on the unit. For example, if you have hooked a MP3 player to the unit, check the owner's manual to make sure it is a device that is supported by the stereo system. If it is a supported device, remove the MP3 player and connect it again.