How to Keep Windows 7 From Entering Sleep Mode

by Pamela Gardapee
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Although Windows 7 sleep mode can save energy, it can be aggravating to leave your computer for a short time, only to return to a "sleeping" computer. Before you disable sleep mode in Windows 7, make sure that you are comfortable leaving your computer on no matter how long you are away from it.

Step 1

Open the Control Panel from the Windows 7 Start menu. In the Control Panel, open "Power Options."

Step 2

Click "Change Plan Settings" to the right of whatever power plan option you have enabled to access settings for that power plan.

Change the time setting to "Never" from the drop-down menu to the right of the "Put the computer to sleep" option to disable sleep mode for a desktop. On a laptop, you can disable sleep mode when the laptop is running either on a battery or on an adapter by selecting "Never" under On Battery or Plugged In, respectively. Click "OK" to accept the changes.


  • If you want to the computer to sleep at some point, you can select longer times to wait before the computer goes to sleep instead of disabling sleep mode altogether.
  • If you plan to download large files, you should turn off sleep mode, or the computer may go to sleep during a long download, interrupting the process.


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