How to Keep a Cell Number From Another State When Moving

By Linda Mitchell

Keeping your cell phone number when moving to a new state is not as difficult as it sounds.
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Moving is often a daunting and stressful experience, but the undertaking can get even more complicated when you choose to move to another state. In addition to moving your belongings across state lines, you also have to worry about setting up utilities and other services prior to relocation. A cell phone user who wants to keep an existing cell phone number even after a move to a new state has some additional steps to accomplish this added chore, but it is possible to keep your number in many cases.

Call your current mobile phone carrier and inquire about a nationwide plan. With this type of plan, you can keep your current cell phone number and travel from state to state without incurring any long-distance or roaming charges, according to Verizon Wireless. Ask about any plans, such as those for friends and family who use the same carrier, they might offer, along with other minute packs that allow you to save on outgoing and incoming calls to and from loved ones in the state you're leaving behind.

Shop around for a new carrier in the state you plan to reside in if your carrier doesn't offer this kind of wireless mobile number plan. You can ask your new carrier to "port" in your existing phone number into the new plan. This way, you can keep your existing number, and the calls you make and receive will be included in the price of the plan you choose with the new cell phone carrier.

Open an account with a new carrier, even if you're unable to find one that offers this kind of "porting in" service, because you're not out of luck just yet. If you open an account with a new carrier, you can still keep your old number as a "virtual number." Several online companies, such as Toll Free Forwarding or Jet Numbers Communications (see Resources), offer virtual numbers and/or call-forwarding products. With this type of added service, the company you choose can import in your existing cell phone number and then route incoming calls to a new cell phone number that you opened in a different state. The monthly charges for this kind of service are based on usage.