How to Keep a Landline Number With No Service

By Jamie Lisse

If you have a landline number and are currently paying for phone service, you may be able to save money by canceling the service. If you still want to be able to keep the phone number, you have the ability to port the number to any other phone company or service that you want. In order to not pay for any service on the number, you need to port the landline number to a company that will not force you to have service.

Sign up with a company that offers a number parking service for your phone number. With such a service you cannot use the number but you can keep it. Typically these same companies offer voice mail if you want to be able to actually use the number. Companies that offer number parking include Number Garage and Park My Phone. Prices vary, with rates starting at $3 per month.

Wait for information from the number parking service regarding the porting of your phone number. When you sign up for the service, the company will contact your local phone provider to request to have your phone number ported over to the service. When the number parking service gets a response from the phone company, they let you know when to expect the porting to happen.

Call the phone company to cancel your service once you the number parking service notifies you that your phone port request has been completed. As of that notification, your phone number is associated with the number parking service only.