How to Keep a Home Phone Number

By Donna Marsh

Keep a Home Phone Number

Telephone number portability allows consumers to transfer service from one communications company to another without changing their phone numbers. Cell phone users have been doing this for years when they change carriers. Home phone users switching to a competing landline carrier use the same technology. Whether you have decided to change your landline company or go completely wireless, here's how to make a smooth, successful switch and keep your home phone number.

How to Keep a Home Phone Number

Shop for a new carrier--either wireless or landline--and make your decision based on plan options and service coverage. Choose a new carrier by balancing the needs of your family or business with your budget, not on the "bells and whistles" features of a new phone.

Call the new carrier and make sure that your home number is portable.

Order the switch with the new carrier you've chosen. Your new company will handle the details of the transfer. The switch from one home phone company to another should take a few hours. A landline to wireless switch could take a couple of days.

Keep your existing carrier so there is no break in service. You can continue to use your old phone service until the switch is finished.