I Keep Getting Timed Out With My iTunes & iPad

by Robert Schrader

When you connect an iPad to a computer, iTunes launches and enables you to synchronize content from the computer onto the iPad. If iTunes times out after you connect the iPad to the computer, determine the nature of the timeout to overcome it and resume syncing and using the iPad as usual.

Connecting the iPad

When you first connect the iPad to a computer using its USB cord, iTunes launches and the name of the iPad appears in the navigation bar that runs along the left side of iTunes. If this doesn't happen when you connect the iPad, trying using a different USB port or a different USB cable to account for defects in the cord or port you normally use.

IPad Doesn't Sync Automatically

If the nature of your timeout relates to the iPad's failure to sync, remember that the iPad only syncs automatically if you specify that it should do so. Otherwise, you must click the "Summary" tab within iTunes and click the "Sync" button to make the content sync. The option to set up the iPad for automatic syncing also exists within this tab.

Sync Incomplete

In some instances, iTunes doesn't sync completely with the iPad, resulting in a timeout. Error messages usually accompany timeouts of this nature, which elaborate on the errors in greater detail. For example, you may attempt to sync new music or applications to an iPad that is already full. Alternatively, you may accidentally cancel the sync yourself by sliding your finger across the iPad's screen.

ITunes Freezes

If iTunes freezes entirely when you attempt to sync the iPad, the issue may have to do with iTunes or the computer. The first time this happens, hold down the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Del" keys and choose "itunes.exe" from the "Processes" tab and click "End Process." If it happens more than once, check the iTunes website (apple.com/itunes) to make sure you're running the latest version of the program.

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