How to Keep a Cell Phone Number

by Kefa Olang

One of the advantages of a cell phone number is the ability to transfer it from one service to another in a process known as number porting. Local number porting is a government mandate. Once the availability of your wireless number has been validated, transferring it to another service provider is a simple process.

Navigate to the Web site of your desired cell phone service provider. Choices include AT&T;, Verizon and T-Mobile, among others.

Enter cell phone number in the port availability window to check the validity of the number. Click "Check Availability." Once your phone number has been deemed eligible, you can begin searching for a phone and a cell phone plan.

Shop for the phone and plan, and follow the guided prompts to place the order. The number will be transferred to the new phone within 24 hours.


  • close Do not cancel service before porting the number to the new service. To port a number, the service has to remain active.

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