How to Keep My Cell Phone From Being Traced

by Melissa King
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Cellphones provide a major convenience, but they also give hackers the means to track your conversations and even your location, and they can discreetly install tracking software or apps on your phone without your knowledge. You may also be unwittingly allowing others to connect to your phone via the device's settings. If you're concerned about tracking, you can take several steps to prevent people from tracing you and your phone.

Step 1

Turn off the phone when the device isn't in use. You may miss some calls, but this is one of the only ways to prevent someone from tracking the device.

Step 2

Keep the phone with you at all times if you can't leave it at home. Don't assume that it's safe to leave the phone in your desk drawer at work. Leaving the phone unattended, even for a few minutes, gives someone the chance to install tracking software on it.

Step 3

Adjust your phone's wireless settings. Disable the device's Internet connection when you're not using it. If the phone has a GPS service, turn it off as well. Turn off [Bluetooth]( when it isn't in use.

Step 4

Refuse incoming Bluetooth connections from people you don't know. Once a device connects to your phone via Bluetooth, it can easily install spyware or a tracking app.

Step 5

Install an anti-spyware or anti-tracking app on your phone. Some apps may encrypt your data or stop other apps from tracking you. A few apps stop tracking programs from accessing your location and contacts list. Check your service provider's app store for a list of anti-tracking apps. If an app isn't offered on your app store, you may need to jailbreak your phone to find a good one. (Be aware that jailbreaking typically voids your warranty for the device.)

Step 6

Purchase a disposable phone if you think your main phone is being tracked. This throws spyware off your trail for a period of time. Cheap disposable phones often lack the features spyware needs to track you, such as a GPS service.

Step 7

Review the list of apps installed on your phone regularly. Look for new apps that seem unusual or apps that you didn't install. Some spyware programs hide themselves, so you won't find them this way.

Ask your phone service provider if someone set up a monitoring feature on your account. Someone else who has access to the account, such as a spouse or boss, may be using this service to track you.


  • Spy software might be installed on your phone if you hear strange noises in the background during a call or the device turns itself back on after you've powered it off. When tracking apps are running, the phone's screen may light up briefly even when you're not using it.


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