How to Keep My Cell Phone From Being Tapped Into Other Than by Law Enforcement (5 Steps)

By Melly Parker

Mobile phone security programs can keep you from being tracked.
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Mobile phone security is more important than ever, since we carry cell phones almost everywhere we go -- even into work. A report by WTHR in Indiana installed spyware on a reporter's phone to determine whether it could do everything it claimed. They found it could track her, read her text messages and record her conversations. It also enabled the person who installed the spyware to tap into her phone when it wasn't in use and listen to what was happening near the phone via the speaker.

Step 1

Install a password on your phone. A person has to access your mobile to install the type of spyware that can track and record your movements and conversations. Don't let them get access in the first place.

Step 2

Keep your mobile phone close and don't leave it in the presence of a person you think would want to tap into your phone.

Step 3

Remove the battery from your phone when you aren't using it -- particularly during meetings or private conversations. This will keep any tracker from enabling the speaker and hearing your conversations.

Step 4

Read reviews on anti-spyware apps for your mobile device. Depending on the type of device you use, your choices will vary. Once you've settled on one, download the app and install it to your phone. It may alert you if a tracking app is installed and some have both free and paid versions depending on your needs.

Step 5

Keep your phone updated with any patches for the operating system. Vulnerabilities in the software may be addressed by the patches; staying up to date can keep your cell phone secure.