Karaoke Promotion Ideas

By Nancy Wagner

If your club is located in a college town, hand out fliers near campus and place them on dormitory bulletin boards to promote karaoke nights.
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A night of karaoke conjures up images of people singing, socializing and drinking, all of the ingredients that make people want to return to your club. Whether you offer karaoke a few nights a week, on slow nights only or as the constant focus of your club, take a close look at the people who live or work in your area. These people represent the target market you need to attract to fill your club, so confirm your playlist of karaoke songs reflects the musical interests of that group.

Permission Email

Gather email addresses from people who come to karaoke night and keep these addresses separate if you only offer karaoke one or two nights per week so this group gets specific messages about events and information about karaoke. Send text messages or create an attractive marketing email every week or two to let them know about upcoming karaoke events, the songs you add to your playlist and a link to your Facebook page so they can see photos of people singing and having fun.


Singing contests give you a chance to introduce new people to your club, including those who come to support contestants. Run the contest for one night, or build up the excitement by holding it over a few weeks with a grand finale. Ask a few members of the audience to participate as judges. Award prizes, such as trips or large gift certificates from local businesses willing to sponsor the event, to lure patrons. Hang fliers around town, place ads in the local paper, and promote the contest during other events and on other nights. Keep people updated through online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as well.

Sing for Food

People love free food, giving you a way to promote your karaoke club on slow nights by offering coupons for free food and drinks to each person who stands up and sings. Promote the free-food-and-karaoke night to area businesses, especially companies with lots of employees, and let them know that their group gets a free coupon for an appetizer if they all sing a song, even as a group. Start the singing early to appeal to the "happy hour" crowd.

Theme Night

Create musical theme nights, such as Elvis Night or '70s Rock Night, in which the playlist includes songs that fit the genre. Encourage people to dress for the role, such as wearing sunglasses, glittery clothing and sideburns for Elvis night or wearing poofy hair and bell bottoms for the '70s night. Award a prize to the best-dressed person who sings one of the songs related to the theme. Add photos on Facebook of patrons dressed for the event who are singing on stage and having fun to encourage people to head to your club for the next karaoke night.