How to Get a JVC Camcorder out of Safeguard Mode

By Steve Lander

Make sure you're using a lens that's compatible with the EOS 1000D body.
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JVC's digital video camcorders are sensitive and complicated electronic devices. They contain both powerful digital video processing chips and intricate parts that work together to focus and zoom the lens and handle the DV cassette that the camera uses for recording and playback. These cameras contain sensors that can detect issues in their operation. When they detect an issue, they can put the camera into a special "Safeguard Mode" that shuts it down until it can be reset.

Step 1

Look at the camcorder's display to identify if it is in Safeguard Mode. If its display indicates an error number of E01 to E06, your camcorder is in Safeguard Mode.

Step 2

Disconnect your camcorder from its power source and remove its battery by sliding the latch forward and sliding the battery down while pulling it away from the camera's body. Wait at least two minutes before continuing.

Step 3

Remove the camera's cassette by pressing the "Eject" button, waiting for the cassette door to open, and lifting it out of the tape bay. This step is only necessary if the camera indicates the E03 or E04 error code or it tells you to eject and reinsert the tape.

Step 4

Replace the camera's battery, power connection and cassette, and turn the camera on.