How to Get Free Jokes Sent Right to Your Phone

By Danielle Fernandez

A joke service delivers a dose of laughter to your cell phone.
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There are a number of ways to get jokes sent to your mobile device. Joke subscription services, for example, provide regularly updated content that is sent to your email, text messaging service or social network newsfeed. Launch a joke-telling app, on the other hand, and you can get a joke on demand without waiting for the daily update. While some may require a monthly service payment or incur per-text messaging fees, there are many joke services that you can access for free.

Joke Subscription Services

The Internet abounds with joke websites that send out jokes via email or text, and many offer free subscriptions. Registering with, for example, guarantees you will receive a daily email -- delivered to your mobile inbox -- with a politically correct, clean joke. Similarly, sends a daily pun by email to anyone with an email address registered at the site. With, on the other hand, you can subscribe -- and even select the delivery time and day -- to receive one-liners via text message (see Resources).

Mobile Apps

There are thousands of apps that allow you to play games, surf the Web and read your email -- and when it comes to jokes, there's an app for that, too. The iFunny app, for example, is fed from the database of jokes stored on the iFunny website, and features humorous pictures and videos for users on both iOS and Android devices. The Funny Jokes app, which is also available in multi-platform versions, ditches the images and offers daily joke posts in text-based form (see Resources).


With the Facebook Mobile app installed on your cell phone, you have access to a variety of joke-telling account profiles that deliver your daily dose of laughter to your Facebook newsfeed. Click "Like" on the "Adult Jokes 18+" profile, for example, and you'll join more than 2.5 million users whose newsfeeds reflect multiple adult-humored jokes and funny images per day. If you also select the "Get Notifications" link -- which appears when you click the "Like" button -- your smartphone's notification bar will display an alert every time your favorite joke page posts an update.


Like Facebook, Twitter is a mecca for joke-posting profiles that tweet new jokes on a regular basis -- and you can access them from the Twitter newsfeed on your smartphone. The @Jokes Twitter account, for example, features posts from the JokersJoke website, and regularly tweets text-based jokes and links to funny pictures and videos. The @DailyCheeseJoke account is similar -- expect to read at least a few cheesy one-liners every month. Hashtags are also an effective Twitter search tactic -- access jokes submitted by users of the Comedy Central site, for example, using the "#CCJokes" hashtag.