How to Join Movies in QuickTime

by Andrew Schrader

QuickTime Player, as the free, standard application for video playback on Mac computers (as well as some PCs), supports joining or editing together two or more individual movies simply by dragging and dropping the files into the same player window. For those who do not have QuickTime Player, you will need to download the latest version of the software from Apple's website before you begin. Please note that the free QuickTime Player does not allow for converting your videos to another format when saving, but you can upgrade to QuickTime Pro for that and other capabilities.


Turn on your computer and launch QuickTime Player. Navigate on your hard drive to the first movie you want to use to join to another, and drag and drop its icon directly into QuickTime's interface.


Slide the timeline cursor in the player window to the point at which you want your other movie to start.


Open a new Finder or Windows Explorer window and locate your second movie. Drag and drop its icon directly into QuickTime's window, and it will join with your first movie where you positioned your cursor on the timeline. Repeat as needed for the amount of clips you want joined.


Click the "Close" button on QuickTime's main window and wait to be prompted by the "Save As" screen.

Choose the "Save As A Self-Contained Movie" option. Name your file and click "Save."


  • check The free version of QuickTime Player does not allow you to save your movies by clicking "File" > "Save." Instead, you have to attempt to close the player window to be prompted by the "Save As" screen.


  • close Merging movies together in QuickTime may result in a large file size, so make sure you have plenty of space on your hard drive when you save your joined files.

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