How to Join Mov Files

By Dave Boesen

.Mov files can be joined together to make playback easier
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Sometimes you may have segmented .mov files that you would like to join together. This is frequently done when editing or creating a movie on your Apple computer. Joining many .mov files into one will make playback on devices easier and more efficient. There are only a few programs that handle .mov files mainly because it is an Apple file format.

Joining Two files with QuickTime Pro

Power on your computer.

Open one of the files you wish to join together using Quicktime Pro.

Select "Edit" then "Select All" from the menu bar.

Select "Edit" then "Copy".

Open the second movie in QuickTime Pro.

Select where you wish to paste your first movie by moving the Progress bar. This is usually the beginning or end of the movie.

Select "Edit" and then "Paste" from the menu bar. This will paste your first movie into the second.

Select "File" then "Save As..".

Choose a new name for the movie as to not overwrite the second movie part.

Click "OK".

Joining two files with MPEG Streamclip

Open a Web browser.

Navigate to "".

Download the program and save it to the desktop.

Unzip the file into its own folder using right-click and "Extract all..." You can use other zip file extractors however the one in windows works fine.

Double-click on the executable to run the program.

From here on out the steps are the exact same steps in Section 1. You need to follow those steps to join the .mov files together only using MPEG Streamclip instead of Quicktime Pro. Proceed to Section 1: Joining Two files with Quicktime Pro.