Java Vs. Adobe

By Tallulah Roberto

Computer generated image
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Frequent computer users will be familiar with the names "Java" and "Adobe," but most do not understand what they are or what purpose they serve. Java is a programming language and Adobe is a market-leading company.

What is Java?

Java is a computer-programming language that provides the technology to run innumerable websites and games. The Java language was developed by Sun Microsystems. Java allows programmers to write software that runs on almost any other platform. Without Java, many Web pages and games would not open or run properly.

What is Adobe?

Adobe is the company that invented the PDF or portable document file. A PDF can be sent by email or downloaded from the Web without losing any quality. Adobe also creates software such as Illustrator and Photoshop that allow users to create and manipulate images.

Communication Tools

The universal computer programming language Java is an essential tool for Web software programmers. Similarly Adobe has produced the standard application used for viewing and images. Adobe software and Java have made Web browsing an easier task for users by creating software and programs that speak to each other in an easily understood language.