How to Get an iTunes Rental Movie to Play

by Travis Meyer

As with movies, music, podcasts and television shows added to your iTunes library, movie and television rentals are organized into a separate pane found in the application window's side bar. Apple maintains a strict policy regarding rentals and only allows users 30 days to watch the movie. In addition, the policy requires the user to finish watching the rental within 48 hours of starting the item. Once the rental has expired, the "Rentals" pane disappears from iTunes' side bar.

Click the "Start" button in the task bar, type "iTunes" and press "Enter" to open the application.

Click "Rentals" in the left side bar.

Move the mouse cursor over the movie rental to reveal the "Play" button.

Click the "Play" button to play the movie rental.

About the Author

Travis Meyer is a co-editor at Poor Claudia and Pocket Notes. Also a front-end web developer, he specializes in server-side content management systems, web-based business solutions and graphic design.