How to Get iTunes Onto a Microsoft Computer

by Stephen Lilley

Though the iTunes music management software is developed by Apple, that doesn't mean you have to be running a version of the Mac operating system to use the software. Since 2002 there has been a version of iTunes that is regularly updated and designed to run on the Windows operating system. While this software used to come packaged with every new iPod, it is now available as a free download on Apple's website.

Step 1

Open your Web browser.

Step 2

Go to the iTunes website (see Resources). This is Apple's official website dedicated solely to the iTunes software. Review the features of iTunes to get a better idea of what the software can do.

Step 3

Click on "Download iTunes" when you're ready to start the download and installation process.

Double-click on the "iTunes for Windows" installation file. This will launch the iTunes installer. Click "Next" to advance through the set-up process, providing the installer with any personal information it requests from you. When the "Finish" button becomes available, click on it. This will install iTunes on your Microsoft computer.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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