How to Get iTunes Music Onto an iPod

by Krystle Vermes

It's quick and easy to upload your favorite songs onto an MP3 player and listen to music on the go. However, transferring songs from iTunes onto an iPod can be confusing the first time around, but by following these suggestions, it can be done without complications.


Connect the USB cable to the computer.


Plug the iPod into the cable to bridge the connection.


Open the iTunes program on your computer.


Check to see if your iPod has been successfully connected to the computer by locating the iPod icon on the left side bar.


Click "Library" on the left side bar to enter your library of music.


Select a song that you wish to transfer onto your iPod, and make sure it is highlighted.


Click and drag the song onto the iPod icon on the left side bar.


Drop the file onto the iPod icon or a Playlist on the iPod.


  • check Hold down the "Shift" key while clicking songs in your library to select more than one song at a time.


  • close Eject the device before removing the USB cable from the computer to avoid data loss.

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