How iTunes Imports Music to iPhone

by Mario Calhoun

The iTunes program on your Macintosh or Windows-based PC imports music to your iPhone through the program's synchronization process, which establishes a connection between the phone and computer to transfer media stored in your iTunes library. Whatever information that is previously stored on the iPhone is erased and replaced with content from the iTunes library when the iPhone's preferences are set to automatic synchronization, which ensures both devices have the same content and settings, according to Apple.

Connect the iPhone to your Mac or PC via USB cable.

Open the iTunes program, and click the "iPhone" tab in the iTunes window to view the iPhone's preferences.

Click the "Music" tab in the preferences window, and click the box next to "Sync Music" to enable automatic music synchronization.

Click "Entire Music Library" to import all of your music to the iPhone, or click "Selected Playlists, Artists, And Genres" to select the specific content you want to import if you are unable to store all of your music on the iPhone.

Click "Apply" to transfer your music, and click "Eject" on the iPhone's icon to unplug the iPhone once all the music has transferred.

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