How to Link to Items in the Same Word Document

By Filonia LeChat

Hyperlinks and bookmarks are usually associated with the Internet and Web pages, but Microsoft Word makes it possible to do this kind of jumping and linking directly within a Word document. Through its own bookmarking process, Word allows linking to items in the same Word document, which may be useful for a clickable table of contents, indexes and other purposes. Insert links and bookmarks to a Word document, no Internet connection required.

Open Word. Click the "File" tab. Click "Open." Locate the document to add linking to and double-click its file name.

Scroll to the section of the document to serve as the destination, the place readers will be taken to when they click the link.

Click the "Insert" tab. Click the "Bookmark" button on the middle of the ribbon below the tab.

Type a name for the bookmark in the "Bookmark name" field; this is just to jog your memory and won't show up on the page. Click the "Add" button. No changes to the Word document are visible at this time.

Scroll to the section of the document to serve as the anchor, the place the reader will click to jump to the linked area.

Highlight the text to appear linked. Right-click the highlight and select "Hyperlink." When the "Insert Hyperlink" window opens, click the "Bookmark" button. Click the name of the bookmark you just added.

Click "OK," then click "OK" again to close the window and return to the text, which is now underlined and in blue symbolizing a link. Hover the cursor over the linked area for a pop-up window showing the name and destination of the link.