What Is the Best Item to Sell on eBay?

by Rob Harris

Making money on eBay takes more work than just cleaning out your attic. The trick is to have the right item for sale at the same time someone is looking for it. Unfortunately, there's no formula to help you know what to sell and when to sell it. The best item to sell on eBay is whatever item is in the greatest demand at that moment. What people want to buy varies throughout the year, so use eBay tools such as the Pulse, Hot Items by Category and Merchandising Calendar in the Seller Central area to help you determine the best item to sell on eBay.

Popular Items

Demand drives what sells the fastest, most consistently and for the most money on eBay. Use the eBay Pulse to discover the day's most-searched-for items. Although the list changes daily, it consistently includes electronics such as iPods, gaming consoles and cell phones. Items in the Pulse usually stay on the list for a while or reappear often, so they are some of the best items to sell on eBay. Electronics whose demand is greater than the retail supply, such as the latest iPhone or Xbox, will typically sell for sometimes hundreds of dollars more than the retail price. It's usually worth your while to stand in the long lines and buy several of these hard-to-find gadgets. Paid online services, such as HammerTap and Terapeak, analyze eBay selling trends and offer insight on the most popular products.

Collectible Items

There's almost no limit to what some people will collect. Ebay is a virtual smorgasbord for collectors seeking to score their next pieces. Although research through eBay's Pulse or other seller tools can help guide you toward the most popular collectibles, don't discount items in your garage or those sometimes found at yard sales and flea markets. If you have something that seems interesting, research it online to see if it is part of a collection. In addition to art, memorabilia and items such as baseball cards, people tend to collect antique pieces in good condition. These pieces include clothes, decorations, magazines, bottles, spoons, candlesticks, jewelry and picture frames.

Fashion Items

Ebay shoppers are typically looking for a deal on clothes and other fashion items, such as handbags -- especially designer options such as Coach or Versace. If you have an affordable fashion supplier, your items could be among the best selling on eBay -- but only if you can drastically undercut the retailer's prices. Many people don't mind buying gently used designer items if the price is right, so don't limit yourself to new pieces. Ebay has strict policies against selling fake items, so shoppers can buy from you with confidence.

Seasonal Items

Part of the fluidity of what sells best each day is that many buyers are shopping for deals on seasonal items. Buy your items out of season on clearance prices, then sell them for a nice profit when their seasons arrive. These items include Easter baskets, Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations and grill or pool accessories. You have to hold your inventory for a few months, but seasonal items are some of the best to sell on eBay.

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