How to Find My Isp's SMTP Mail Server

By Khalidah Tunkara

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When sending or receiving email, it is often required to have your ISP's (Internet service provider) SMTP (short mail transfer protocol) server name. This protocol is used in several email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and other email programs and services. Sometimes when signing up for an Internet service provider, the email guide showing you how to set up your email account may become lost or is not sent to you initially. When this happens you need to find your ISP's email server in a different way.

Step 1

Visit and search for your Internet service provider by name in the free SMTP server list. You may need to search for your Internet service provider by visiting and searching for your specific ISP by country, state and city (see the Resources section of this article).

Step 2

Visit your Internet service provider's website if you are unable to locate your provider's SMTP server using a simple name search on Click on the support section of your Internet service providers' website and locate the email handling section to locate the server that your ISP uses for mail sending and receiving.

Step 3

Call your Internet service provider by phone and speak with the technical support department to request your providers' SMTP server name.