What Is ISO DIN Mounting?

By Andy Klaus

Not all car stereos are mounted the same way.
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Car audio enthusiasts are seldom happy with the factory standard sound system. For this reason, many auto makers have employed specialty mounting systems for easy removal and installation of your own equipment.

The ISO Standard

Auto manufacturers often install their standard equipment with mounting brackets designed for a certain style and size of radio. Because they will design a line of their vehicles to accept these brackets, the process of installation of a variety of equipment is a modular process. To the buyer, it means you have options for your equipment, and to the manufacturer, it means they are easily accommodated. Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and some Honda vehicles are among those that typically support the ISO mount standard.


DIN radios are rectangular radios that effectively sit flush with the radio panel face instead of being recessed. They are framed by the factory standard face plates, but essentially all of the operational controls are even with the panel. These radios are classified as single or double DIN, basically referring to the vertical size of the device.

ISO DIN Mounting

ISO DIN mounting refers to the mounting systems that use the ISO brackets and DIN standard face plates to cover the DIN-sized radio.