Why Isn't My Screensaver Coming On?

by Yuurei Serai

Screen savers help protect your computer from having images burned on the screen and also puts your computer in standby mode. Although a useful tool, sometimes screen savers stop working, possibly indicating an underlying issue with your computer.

Screen Saver Settings

Open the screen saver settings screen by right-clicking on your desktop and scrolling down to "Personalize" and opening the "Screen Saver" option. Check your wait time to see if it is set up to come on after the allotted amount you time you selected. If not, change the wait time to idle time you want your screen saver to come on. Be sure to click "Apply" to save your settings because if you just choose "OK," your settings will not be saved.

Computer Updates and Settings

Check your System, Application and Security settings in your computer's history records for any error messages that occurred when you set up your screen saver. If possible, run a computer diagnostics scan to check for errors. If there are any errors, fix the problems following each error message's solution instructions, then reload the screen saver. To find the error log, go to your control panel and click on "Performance and Maintenance" then "Administrative Tools." Locate an option called "Event Viewer" which will bring up your system logs.

Video Drivers

If your screen saver does not work and if you are having trouble viewing other video-related media on your computer, you may need to update the video drivers. To update a driver, go to your system settings and find "Display Properties." Under "Display Properties," go to "Settings" and find who produced your drivers. Visit the manufacturer's Web page and find the plug-ins. Once complete, reload your screen saver.

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