Is It Time For a New PC (Or Can You Make Your Existing One Faster)? [Infographic]

by Dave Johnson ; Updated October 17, 2017

Making the decision to buy a new computer isn’t one I take lightly. Even with a solid backup in place, it’s a pain in the neck to migrate my stuff to a new computer. And I always — always! — worry that I’m going to miss something and lose some critical file that will forever haunt my dreams. And that’s in addition to the expense of buying a new computer and all the other annoyances of getting it set up.

So it behooves you to make your existing computer last as long as possible. In that spirit, here’s an infographic that helps you ferret out the root causes of slow performance and stave off the next computer purchase as long as possible.

Infographic showing how to troubleshoot a slow PC.

Click the image for a larger view.

Think your PC might be almost ready for the trash heap? Here are a few articles that might help:

Infographic credit: Crucial

Photo credit: Aidon/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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