My IPod Shuffle 2nd Gen Will Not Charge or Sync

By Kefa Olang

If your second-generation iPod Shuffle won't charge or sync, using it becomes extremely difficult because it will not power on or upload and delete songs. Why your device won't charge or sync may vary with different players, but most of the problems are common and can be solved quickly.

Faulty USB Cables and Ports

Second-generation iPod Shuffles require a computer to charge and sync content. If the USB cable is damaged, the device won't charge or sync. In addition, Apple says that iPods that connect to USB ports require high-power USB ports, so connecting your device to a USB hub or a USB port on a keyboard will not charge the device. If your iPod isn't charging, you should check the cable and replace it if it's broken. If the USB ports are behaving erratically, resetting your computer will reset them and may solve charge and syncing problems. In addition, you should disable the stand-by, sleep or hibernation mode, or your iPod won't charge or sync. Sometimes, devices connected to your iPod might cause connection and charging problems, so disconnecting them and connection the iPod Shuffle alone may solve problems.

Locked Up

If your iPod is locked up, it will not charge or sync content. Your iPod may lock up for a variety of reasons; however, resetting it may solve charging and syncing problems. Resetting the player won't delete saved songs, but it may reset customized settings. Before resetting your iPod Shuffle, make sure the switch is moved to the "Off" position. When the device is off, the green stripe by the switch is not visible. With the device off, you can reset it by moving the switch to the "Play in Order" or "Shuffle" position, or sliding the power switch on. Resetting the iPod may vary slightly with different iPod Shuffles, so refer to your device's manual if necessary.

Faulty Apple iPod Power Adapter

If you don't charge your iPod Shuffle with your computer, you will run into charging problems if something is wrong with the iPod power adapter. If you dropped the adapter or accidentally immersed it in liquid, it may not supply power to the adapter. If the power adapter is faulty, you should consider purchasing a replacement. If a replacement adapter doesn't solve charging problems, your iPod Shuffle might be faulty.

Tips and Recommendations

Although restoring your iPod erases saved content, it may be necessary if the player is still not charging or syncing content. Before restoring your device, make sure you're running the latest version of iTunes or you might run into connection problems. When you're ready, you can restore the device with iTunes. If that doesn't solve charging and syncing problems, you device's battery may have reached its maximum charge cycle and will need to be replaced. Contacting Apple support and scheduling a repair session is the best thing to do. The device might have internal hardware problems that will require professional repair.