iPhone Three-Way Calling Instructions

By Joshua Phillips

Some phones allow four-way conference calls.
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One of the iPhone's features is the option to place a three-way call -- also known as a conference call -- which lets you talk to two people from different phone numbers simultaneously. If you need to talk to multiple friends at once to plan a party or multiple employees at your workplace, a three-way call allows everyone to hear and speak to each other on the same call. Making a three-way call on the iPhone is similar to making a regular call. All iPhone 4S models can make a conference call, but only the GSM iPhone 5 models can participate in conference calls. Check with your cellular provider to verify that your plan allows for conference calling.

Step 1

Tap the "Phone" application on your iPhone's home screen.

Step 2

Tap the first contact you want to dial and tap his phone number or select a person from your Favorites or Recents list. If the telephone number is not one of your contacts, tap the "Keypad" and dial a number.

Step 3

Wait for the first call to connect and then tap "Add Call."

Step 4

Tap the second contact tap or enter his phone number.

Step 5

Tap "Merge Calls." The two separate calls merge into a three-way call that you and both participants to speak to each other on the same call.