How to Get an iPhone Replacement Charger

By Aaron Parson

The iPhone 5 features a new, smaller charging port.
i Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you lose your iPhone charger, or if the charger breaks, you'll need to get a replacement to continue using your phone. You can find iPhone-compatible chargers at many stores, and Apple sells a few brands of chargers -- including the original Apple charger -- through its website and authorized retail outlets. For a broken charger, confirm that the charger itself, not the phone, is broken, and contact Apple for a replacement.

Buying Chargers

Many manufacturers produce iPhone-compatible chargers, sold at many electronics and department stores. If you prefer an Apple-brand charger or one of the brands Apple recommends, you can shop at an authorized Apple retailer, an Apple Store, or on Apple's Web store. If you're replacing the charging cable along with the power adapter, make sure you pick the correct plug type for your model iPhone, as Apple changed the port beginning with the iPhone 5.

Apple Replacement

If your iPhone power adapter or charging cord breaks while the iPhone is under warranty, Apple will replace the defective piece for you free of charge. Contact the company through the form on its website or on the phone to verify the warranty on your iPhone and order a replacement part. Apple may ask you to return the defective component in the mail.

Defective Charger Recall

A number of ultracompact chargers shipped with the iPhone 3G and sold separately before September 2008 have a defect that can cause the prongs to snap off in an outlet. If you have an ultracompact charger without a green dot on the bottom, your charger is included in this recall. Contact Apple or visit an Apple Store to have your charger replaced.