Why Does My iPhone Play the Same Song Over & Over?

By Julius Vandersteen

Your iPhone will play the same song over and over if you set it to repeat.
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The iPhone is a mobile phone made by Apple. It plays songs, which you can rip from CDs on your computer or download from Apple's iTunes store and other Internet sites. You can specify different ringtone songs to play when different people call. If your iPhone is playing the same song over and over, it could be a ringtone song playing each time you receive a call, or it could be because a song is repeating in the iPod application.

About the iPhone

Apple's iPhone has a touch-screen display and two cameras for recording videos, shooting pictures and making video calls with the FaceTime application. The phone runs applications, including a web browser, mail and utilities, as well as games. You can use it to connect to the Internet over Wi-Fi or a cellular data network. The iPhone comes with a 16 GB or a 32 GB flash drive, on which you can store thousands of songs.

Music on the iPhone

The iPhone can play music in a variety of formats, including AAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV. The volume controls are on the side of the phone, and you can adjust the preferences to set a maximum volume limit, which can protect your hearing when you listen to music through headphones. A fully charged iPhone can play back audio for up to 40 hours.

iPod on the iPhone

You play music on the iPhone with the iPod application. Tap the iPod application icon to launch it. Browse your music collection by artist, album or song title, or tap a playlist. Tap a song to start playing it. The controls will appear, showing you the scrubber bar and how much time is left in the song. If you tap on the "Repeat" icon, it will turn blue and the number "1" will appear, indicating it is set to repeat the song currently playing. Tap the icon again, and it will remain blue and the number will disappear, indicating that the iPhone will repeat all the songs of the current playlist or album. Tap it once more, and the repeat function is disabled.


A ringtone is a sound, such as an electronic warble, a sound effect, or a short segment of music. You can download music ringtones from Apple's iTunes store to your iPhone, or make them out of MP3s on your computer using iTunes, and then transfer them to the phone over the included USB cable. When you assign a ringtone to play whenever you get a call from anybody or just a specific person in your contacts, you will hear the same song play whenever the phone rings.