How to Link an iPhone to a PC

by Diana V. Faustmann

Your iPhone needs your computer to get going and then stay in tip-top shape. Specifically, you need iTunes on your PC to perform and manage several essential iPhone tasks, including setup, software updates, backups and resets. You also need iTunes to regularly synchronize everything from your media to data, Web browsers, contacts and calendars. In short, the link between your iPhone and computer cannot be overstated. Thankfully, following a few straightforward steps can ensure a strong connection between both devices, physically and virtually.


Turn on your computer and launch iTunes. If you don't have iTunes on your computer yet, use your Web browser to go to Click on the blue "Download iTunes" button and then "Download Now" on the following Web page. Click "Run" in the next two pop-up windows and follow the installation prompts.


Connect your iPhone to your computer physically using the cable that came with your device. Insert the cable's wider end to the dock connector at the bottom of your iPhone and its narrower end to a USB port on your computer. Note that your computer USB ports are not created equal. For best results, connect to a high-powered USB 2.0 port, usually located at the back of your computer, rather than to the low-powered USB ports on a separate hub, monitor or keyboard.


Sync your iPhone to iTunes to link both devices via software. Follow the prompts that take you through a setup process if this is the first time you hook up a new iPhone to your computer. Otherwise, depending on your iTunes settings, your device will automatically sync or wait for you to command it to sync.


Select your iPhone under the "Devices" listing on iTunes' left pane if your iPhone does not automatically sync. Then click the "Sync" button on the lower-right corner of the main pane. Your iPhone will now be linked to your computer, physically and virtually.


  • check You can link to a secondary computer to charge your iPhone or upload photos. When iTunes asks if you want to sync your data, select "No."
  • check You must be logged into your computer as an administrator to download iTunes.
  • check You can confirm if your computer has high-speed USB 2.0 ports using your Windows Device Manager.

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