My iPhone Will Not Power Up

By Ashley Poland

Check your warranty to see if your iPhone is still covered.
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Unfortunately, a dead iPhone gives little indication of why it won't turn on. It could as easily be a software problem as a hardware problem. Some minor iPhone issues resolve simply through resetting your phone, while larger software failures may resolve when you restore the iPhone to factory settings. Hardware issues may require either an authorized technician to repair them or a replacement iPhone.

Dead Battery

The simplest explanation for your iPhone's lack of power is that your battery is dead. You can charge your battery by plugging it into the computer using the included USB cable. If you're using a firewire cable, it will not charge any iPhone other than the first generation. Make sure that your USB cable is firmly inserted into the computer. If one USB port won't charge the iPhone, try another. You can also plug your iPhone into the wall adapter if you have one. Charge your iPhone for at least ten minutes.

Resetting the iPhone

If, after charging your iPhone, it does not start up you will have to try resetting your iPhone; this does not affect the data on it. Reset your iPhone by holding down the Home button and Sleep button (on the top side of the upper-right corner of your iPhone) simultaneously. After ten seconds you should see either the battery warning -- in which case you should continue to charge your iPhone -- or the Apple logo as your phone starts up.

Restoring to Factory Settings

If your iPhone does not respond to being charged or reset your last course of action is the do a full restore of the iPhone, which will remove all the data on your phone. You will need to have the most recent version of iTunes in order to restore your iPhone. Open iTunes with your iPhone plugged into the computer. Click the iPhone on the left iTunes sidebar; on the Summary page select the "Restore" option.

Hardware Issues

No one stop solution exists for whatever hardware issues your iPhone might encounter; the parts inside might be loose or cracked if the phone was dropped, or some of the more delicate hardware may have failed. If you have a nearby Apple store or dealer, the technicians can usually offer diagnosis and support.

Water Damage

If you suspect that your problem is the result of water damage, you may have to replace the iPhone or have it repaired by an authorized Apple service provider, a repair that is not covered by your warranty. The iPhone comes with two indicators that turn red if it comes in contact with liquid -- one in the docking port and the other in the headphone jack. In order to check these, shine a light into either location.