iPhone to Laptop Wire Connections

by Jim Campbell

The iPhone has a specific cable that connects the phone to a laptop. The USB cable lets you synchronize the phone with iTunes, download pictures, back up data and charge the battery. As long as the laptop has a USB port, you can use it to recharge your phone. This is beneficial if you travel and need to charge the phone on the road.


The USB cable for the iPhone is available at any Apple reseller store. The cable has the wide-pin connector that plugs into the phone and the USB connector that plugs in to your laptop. Some third-party cables are available, but they are not backed by Apple. Some third party cables only transfer data, and they can't be used to charge the phone.


The cable that connects the iPhone to the laptop charges the phone, but it drains the laptop's battery as well. If you do not have the laptop plugged in to a power outlet, the battery drains faster with the iPhone connected to the computer. If you are using the laptop battery, connect the iPhone to a power outlet and charge it using the Apple charger.


When you plug the iPhone in to your laptop, iTunes immediately loads. Windows and Macintosh operating systems detect the iPhone, open iTunes, and synchronize your phone. You can add songs to the iPhone, view pictures and back up your data such as contacts and text messages.

Spare Cables

The iPhone comes with a USB cable you can use to connect the phone to your laptop. However, if you lose the cable or it breaks, you have no way to charge your phone. Purchase an extra cable in case your current one breaks or you lose it.

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