How to Know When Your iPhone Is Finished Charging

By Avery Martin

The iPhone 5 has a new fingerprint-proof exterior.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The release of Apple's iPhone 5 debuted a new charger that works differently than the chargers provided with iPhone 4 and previous models. The new Lightning to USB Cable provides syncing and charging with the added benefit of a much faster transmission rate. Lightning cables may also be plugged in to the iPhone quickly since the end that attaches to your phone is reversible. Completely charging your iPhone ensures that you get the most possible battery life out of each use.

Step 1

Connect your iPhone to the small end of the Lightning to USB Cable. Then, connect the USB portion to an available USB port on your computer or the Apple USB power adapter plugged into a wall outlet.

Step 2

Check the main screen on your iPhone by clicking the Home button to view the current charge status. A picture of a battery colored with red indicates your battery is near empty. The level of green that appears in the battery indicates how close to a full charge you have.

Step 3

Check the status icon in the menu bar and note the percentage attached to the battery icon. The percentage tells you how much charge you currently have. When it reaches 100 percent, the iPhone has completely charged.