Does the iPad Have a Camera for Skype Calls?

by Ashley Poland

The iPad isn't just for Web browsing and gaming; the built-in iSight cameras and microphone make it the perfect tool for keeping up with friends and family via Skype. Skype offers a free app for iOS, which you can use to make free Skype-to-Skype voice and video calls. To use Skype on your iPad, you will first need to set up an account via the Skype website.

iPad Cameras

The iPad features two cameras. The camera you're most likely to use for Skype is the FaceTime camera located directly above the screen. According to Apple, it delivers VGA-quality video with 640-by-480-pixel resolution. The other camera, which can also be used during Skype calls, is the front-facing iSight camera, which has 5 megapixels and HD video capabilities. Both cameras can handle video at up to 30 frames per second. The iPad also features built-in microphone and speakers, so you don't need any additional hardware to start calling.

Skype for the iPad

To download Skype for the iPad, open the App Store and do a search for "Skype." The Skype app is free, though unless you have either a subscription or have paid for Skype Credit, it is ad-supported. After you've installed Skype, tap the icon and log in. Tap an online contact to see calling options. By default, the iPad will focus on you using the FaceTime camera. Skype works on Wi-Fi and, in some cases, on cellular data service if you have an iPad with 3G/4G enabled.

Managing Cameras

If you want to show off something in the area -- such as a new apartment or car -- you can switch to the iSight camera mid-call at any time and back to the FaceTime camera just as easily. Tap the camera button and choose the camera you want to use. You can also opt to turn off your camera and chat with voice only.

Other Skype Options

While Skype is certainly most famous for free Skype-to-Skype video calling, there are other options available for your iPad. You can use Skype on the iPad to send instant messages to your other Skype contacts. Skype even has the tools for sending text messages and making calls to mobile or landline numbers -- although you will need either a subscription or Skype Credit to do so.


Information in this article applies to a third-generation New iPad running iOS 6. It may differ slightly or significantly with other equipment or iOS versions.

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