What Is IP Office?

By Dmitry Rashnitsov

IP Office helps companies improve their communication systems throughout the entire organization.
i telephone image by Vasiliy Koval from Fotolia.com

IP Office is a small business phone system offered by the Avaya corporation. The phone system is designed to make a better experience for customers and make workers throughout the company more efficient. IP stands for Internet protocol, as the phone system is set up through the Internet.

Type of service

Ayaya comes into a small business and builds its phone system from the ground up. The small business lets Avaya know how much each worker users his phone, and if he talks more from his desk, from a mobile phone or from remote locations. Avaya sets up the phone system to benefit individual workers.


With the Ayaya IP Office phone system, the small business will have overall lower mobile and long-distance calling fees, no fees for conference calls, and one-centralized administration of phone services to make sure that outages do not affect the entire phone system throughout the organization.


Avaya offers 24/7 support for the IP Office product both remotely and with a technician that can be dispatched to help troubleshoot any issues. IP Office also comes with training modules, both in-person and over the Internet.