How to Find the IP of Everyone in a Chat Room

by Keith Manning

The Internet Protocol address is a dotted-quad ID given to any device connected to the Internet. The IP address gives the user's location. If you are a chat room moderator and want to verify the locations of the chat users, you can use a command to retrieve their individual IP addresses. This can also be useful if you are helping victims of cyber-bullying or cyber-stalking within a chat room or group.

Step 1

Leave the chat client open and close all other open Internet applications. Click a user in the chat room.

Step 2

Click "Start" and type "Run." Click "Run" and select "Search Programs and Files."

Type ""netstat -a" into the "Run" dialogue box and click "OK." The IP address is listed between the "Established Foreign Address" tab. Repeat these steps for all users.


  • This command only works if the user is not using a proxy server to hide his IP address.


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