How to View Intranet Web Pages

By Editorial Team

Connect and view intranet Web pages.
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Intranet Web pages allow certain people to view and share information online in the privacy of a group or company. Most companies use an intranet to store data and share important news with employees. Only people with access to the intranet can see the information. It is not like a normal Internet Web page that anyone can visit if they type in the correct URL. Generally you will need to be connected to a server or have a username and password to access the intranet.

Connect your computer to the server where the intranet is located. If the intranet you are trying to connect to is at your workplace, you should automatically connect and have access to intranet Web pages once you have signed in. Simply open your Internet browser and visit the intranet page you desire.

Use a Virtual Private Network to connect remotely to the server with the intranet you are trying to access. If the intranet you are trying to access is at work, your work computer should have the VPN set up already. You can set up a VPN by using the Network Settings on your computer and setting up a new network. You can obtain any information about the VPN network name and login details from the information technology team associated with the intranet. Once connected to the VPN, you will be able to view the intranet Web pages.

Use your password to log into the intranet. Even without being directly connected to the network or using a VPN, you can access the intranet. You should have login details, and if not, you can get the information from the information technology team associated with the intranet. If you try to visit any of the intranet Web pages, you will be prompted to enter your user name and password.